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Looking for fire or water damage restoration in Wichita? Then, International Property Restoration is the right company for you. We offer both residential and commercial fire damage restoration Wichita. Our experienced team understands that fires can occur at any time, and the damage resulting from them can be frustrating and scary. We are available to you 24/7, 365 days a year, to help you restore your space and return your lives to normal.

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The soot released from fires can be hazardous to your health, furniture, and mechanical and electrical fixtures. That is why it must be cleared and cleaned from your home as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Our technicians can help move all of your soot-exposed items to an area where there is no fire-related contamination so that your items can be cleaned in a smoke and particulate-free area. 

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Any fire damage brings with it the odor of burnt items. It could be the bad smell of burnt furniture, fabric, chemicals, or even the musty odor that remains after the fire has been put out with water. And this odor can permeate the smallest parts of your home. The technicians at IPR use a combination of manual methods like touching and cleaning the area by hand as well as hydroxyls and thermos-fogging techniques that replicate the flow of the soot particles and other debris and ensure every area is cleaned and deodorized. When you hire our experienced team, you can rest assured that we will return your indoor space with a clean and odor-free environment. Contact us to learn more about our deodorization services!

Fire and the resulting odor, smoke, and soot can become acidic if not cleaned on time. This acidic nature of soot can damage your fine goods and arts. Cleaning these items on time is critical to ensuring they don’t suffer permanent damage. The technicians at IPR use the latest techniques and technologies to clean your valuables. They treat your items and art pieces with utmost care and restore them back to normal as quickly as possible. Learn more about our arts and find goods restoration services!a

Your HVAC system becomes the ideal way for soot, debris, and other dangerous particles to spread through your house or commercial property. Most properties have return air ceilings that pull the air from below the ceiling into the vacant area above. Cleaning these ducts will require replacing filters, decontaminating coils, and cleaning air ducts and supply lines. Most air ducts could also have insulation. The IPR team has the right equipment, tools, and experience to help clean your air ducts and HVAC system after a fire. They will inspect your system and recommend the right cleaning techniques to ensure your air ducts are clean and free of debris and other harmful chemicals.

While there are different types of fires caused by different reasons, the one thing in common in almost every type of fire is the odor it leaves behind. Clearing the odor is critical to restoring your home into a livable area. The team at IPR uses mechanical techniques like using the right materials and chemicals to clean the affected areas and return them to normal. They also use technologies that try to replicate the flow of odor molecules and break them down.

We understand that fires are dangerous and can lead to considerable property damage. But don’t be dejected! Contact International Property Restoration for fire damage restoration today!

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