More often than not uninsulated ductwork, slow leaking water pipes, dripping sprinkler heads, incorrectly graded PTAC condensation pans, non-sealed exterior windows and impermeable wall vinyl can lead to moisture build up and ultimately mold and odor issues.  If you’re experiencing any of these concerns and just want to discuss, please reach out and one of our many water intrusion experts will help walk you through identifying potential causes.  If we can’t figure it out on a call, then we’d be happy to come in and take an on-site look.  Don’t wait until a minor issue turns into a major cost.  Many minor issues that could have been remedied over the phone or a Teams meeting quickly turn into major mold remediation projects or major renovations.  Our goal is to assist you in keeping heads in beds and employees working.  Business interruption is often avoidable if you’ll just take the time to address small issues now. 

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