1. Master Service Plan

  2. Pre-Loss Assessment

  3. IPR Placards

  4. IPR Wallet and Purse Cards

  5. Service Standards tailored to your property


IPR’s Sentinels are standing guard over your assets, like the Sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Sentinels who guard the Tomb constantly keep the Unknowns company through wind, rain, snow and heat. They maintain their vigil day and night; on weekends and holidays, the sentinels are there.


How do I get Sentinel Protection?  

An IPR representative will collect key data points on your property creating a living, ever evolving Pre-Loss Assessment of your facility.  Information gathered will include properties you choose to be protected by the Sentinel Protection Program.  For example, switch gear information in your mechanical room in case a generator is needed.  This allows IPR to quickly dispatch a correctly sized generator to your property making sure your business interruption is kept to a minimum.  Roofing type, building exterior cladding, interior finishes, ingress and egress points, water shut offs, evacuation points, FFE and many additional critical information points are collected and maintained so your properties vital information is accessible anytime day or night.

After we gather the pre-loss assessment information IPR issues letter head sized placards that are posted in equipment rooms, front desk areas and any area where employees can quickly access IPR’s Sentinel Program information in case of an unexpected peril.   

Sentinel cards that fit neatly in your wallet or purse are provided so even when you are off site and get that dreaded call that a peril has occurred, IPR’s Sentinel Protection is at your fingertips.

Peril Response Professionals (PRP’s) – IPR has locally positioned Peril Response Professionals.  These PRP’s are positioned locally to respond to your properties.  When deploying Sentinel Protection to your properties you’re covered by a local PRP enabling quick response times, familiarity with your property due to your properties Pre-Loss Assessment and most importantly the knowledge our PRP’s have in hand due to pre-arranged Service Standards.  Service Standards tell our PRP’s who to contact and communicate with, where to enter, where the equipment rooms are, where the water shut off is, where to park their vehicles and how to communicate with your chosen representatives.  Service Standards are there to reduce response time and provide micro data that is often overlooked when an emergency occurs. 


Call now to discuss IPR’s Sentinel Protection Plan and how it will protect your employees and assets. 

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