Soot or particulate follows the natural convection currents of the earth and can breach the smallest areas. It’s critical that the currents that carry the soot and odor following a fire are replicated to maximize and eliminate the residual odor and particulate. IPR’s technicians utilize the latest technology to recreate the flow of the soot particles to ensure every area is clean. Whether it be by mechanical means (actually touch cleaning the area by hand) or by replicating the flow of particulate utilizing thermos-fogging techniques and hydroxyls to break down the odor molecules. Rest assured that IPR will return your indoor air environment to a clean and odor free space. Many of our competitors utilize masking agents that simply add fragrance to the soot odor. Once these masking agents break down, the soot odor returns. At that point your property may be out of warranty and you’re left with a aesthetically “clean” environment that starts to smell like a charcoal briquette again. Breaking down the odor molecule using IPR”s methodology will eliminate the potential for odors to return

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